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Deadline - Neon Noir Exclusive

Jesse Whittcock

May 18, 2023

Neon Noir Sets ‘Garden Of Eden’ As Second Feature, Cast Unveiled.

EXCLUSIVE: The second feature from Neon Noir, the production house Marcel Walz, Sarah French and Joe Knetter launched last year, will be dark horror drama Garden of Eden.

Billed by Knetter as “super dark and disturbing,” the film follow follow the wealthy Eden family, who are devout Christians that have been very successful in business and are tech beyond their needs. To give back, they throw garden parties, in which each guest who finds a key has their dream come true, but “a dream for some can be a nightmare for others,” reads the synopsis.

Robert Rusler (Vamp), Monique T. Parent, Sarah French (Blind), Sarah Polednak, Gigi Gustin (The Last Deal), Sarah Nicklin (The Retaliators) and Dazelle Yvette are starring. 

Walz is directing and Knetter is writing. Manuel Suess is the executive producer. Walz, French and Knetter produce, with Marcus Friedlander returning to the team as cinematographer. It’s currently in pre-production, with plans to begin a film fest run later this year.

“It’s by far the most controversial movie I’ve ever done,” said Walz (Blood Feast, That’s a Wrap). “But there is a purpose to all the things we show and things we want to tell. It will be shocking for sure, but we also want to do all this with heart and beauty.” Knetter added: “Be warned, we deal with some heavy subject matter.”

Neon Noir’s first film was That’s a Wrap, as we told you first last year, which starred Parent, French and Guston alongside Cerina Vincent.

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